Basement Construction London

Basement is the construction under the natural ground. Nowadays this construction is very much important and plays a vital role in providing extra living space and making the living standards better. Especially, if we talk about the places like London where extra living space is one of the huge problems. And Basement Construction London Cost is cheaper than moving to another place for more area and space. In areas like London, the basement plays a crucial role and conversion of the basement is also possible in so many different ways including:

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    • Cinema room
    • Kids playroom
    • Games room
    • Wine cellar
    • Cigar room/walk-in humidor
    • Gym
    • Sauna
    • Swimming pool
    • Massage room
    • Sanctuary
    • Bar, nightclub dance floor
    • Bowling alley
    • Recording studio
    • Luxury car park
    Basement Construction London

    And so many more options. Basement Construction in London is now becoming the most popular option for people who want to increase the living space. GBS Construction is a basement specialist who has been doing professional conversions and Basement Construction London for years. We are known as the expert Basement Contractors London, who can provide you with the team best known for performing all the tasks with top-notch quality.

    Four Major Types of Basement Construction

    A professional builder groundwork expert and inform you withal the architectural details regarding the basement construction. There are some major types of basement construction and are discussed below.

    • Poured Concrete

    It is considered the most common type of Basement Construction in London. People with the choice of sturdy and simple can go for this option. The name clearly shows that in this type of construction pouring of footing is essential for foundations. In this, to keep the walls in place the forms are used. This results in walls that are strong which do not cause many problems. Most people go for this option and consider it more practical to use. The problem of leakage in this construction exists but the pro-contractors can provide you solutions for all the issues.

    • Concrete Block

    This is considered the least expensive option. Concrete walls and masonry is used in this option. Cinder blocks are used to make walls and the time it takes to build is less than any other option. For the strength of these walls, the first options that builders use are steel bars. The people who want to go with the cheaper option can choose this.

    • Precast Panels

    Precast Foundation walls is also an option that the builders choose and also recommend. These walls are the subject of installation as they are made and built somewhere else. They consider a temporary option but surprisingly they are strong enough to support the basement. To prevent water leaks the high strength, low-water concrete mix is used.

    • Stone or Clay Tile Walls

    Stone or clay walls in the basement are general in the older houses and buildings. As in the past times, this was the priority of people and the only option. There is no doubt that it is also the strongest option and can be built in different designs as are highly flexible. But, one thing is that they are the subject of rudimentary. And groundwater is also something to be considered in the case of Stone or clay tile walls.

    There can be more options but, all that is essential to look for is the known basement construction constructors.

    Precautions Necessary for Building a Basement

    Building a basement is a wise idea, but some of the precautions are necessary are these precautions are as follow:

    • In the rainy season, it is better to avoid excavation for the basement.
    • It is a must to keep the safety of the basement regarding adjoining buildings and their foundation in mind while excavation.
    • To pump out the rainwater, a water pump arrangement is essential for a site.
    • While designing the basement, the soil’s bearing capacity to depend upon should be 5 feet below the actual basement design.
    • The other important point to keep in mind is the water level of the area, it can play role in designing the basement.
    • For side walls, damp-proofing is necessary to be done. This will help in avoiding damage to the material of the building
    • To avoid seepage, dampness under the ground, damp proofing on the floor is essential.
    • An exhaust fan is also important in the basement for proper air passage
    • Ventilation should be kept in mind depending upon the available space
    • Wires with good insulation are necessary when it comes to electricity. The best is to keep the minimum joints and, the surfaces having joints should be properly insulated as dampness can become the cause of damage in bad insulation cases.

    Some other things to keep in a mind as well. Knowledge of which can help in building a better basement. All that is needed is good Basement Construction Constructors. As professionals know about all the details and knowledge to keep the precautions in mind as they may seem small things but can play a vital role in building the strong, useful basement. You can Choose GBS Construction for the services of Basement Construction London because we are known for our professional service when it comes to the basement conversion, cellar conversion, basement extension under the garden, rear extension under the basement, basement to bedroom conversion with high customer satisfaction for all residential & commercial services.

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