Basement Conversion London

For adding space to your place, a basement conversion can be a wise step to take. When the homeowners are unable to build upward or outward extensions then for additional living space a basement can be a perfect idea. Especially in London, where if you want the extra space you have only two options whether to move out and buy a new space or to build an extension to get extra space in the same living space. And, no doubt the second option is more convenient and cheaper. You just have to consult a known service provider for Basement Conversion London. GBS Construction is a leading company for Basement Conversion London, specializing in design, excavation, construction, new build, waterproofing, and more. We know that in London the extra space is considered as a valuable asset thus, try to provide you with the quality services along with a guarantee to make your living easy. It can play an active role in changing family life by giving you extra space.

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    A point here to keep in mind is that people still think of a basement as a dark, horrible space but, now that’s not the case as technology and material used in Basement Conversion in London have evolved a lot. It is no more a horror scene depicted in movies as you can use the basement now for so many purposes including;

    • You can change it to a playroom, and surely your kids will like it
    • Can also be converted into a cinema room, no doubt a fun area for both family and friends
    • You can convert it into a gym if you like to exercise or a sauna to provide your home with a luxurious touch
    • People also wish to convert their basement into a utility room. As for keeping appliances and also laundry use
    • It can be used as a storage space for things like; wine, cigars or any other thing
    • You can use it as a hobby lab for kids and adults both
    • If there is an independent entrance you can use it as a home office

    Indeed, if you get a perfect basement conversion service at a reasonable basement conversion cost, you can easily convert your basement into anything and can use it for numerous purposes. At GBS Construction we love our work, this is the reason we always get success by surprising our clients and giving them top-notch results. By trusting you can enjoy the process and smooth going procedures.

    Basement Conversion London

    Here’s what to Expect When Doing Your Basement with GBS Construction

    Here are a few things that will help you know what to expect in the whole process while working with the GBS Construction for Basement Conversion London.

    Design (Optional)

    • By contacting us you can get the idea and chance to know the most about the potential of your house as we plan everything that will suit your place or area.
    • You can get all the planning permission in a very smooth way without any hassle, it will be a tension-free process for you and that’s our guarantee.
    • Essential is to get all the approvals before starting the actual work and we can do it for you.
    • We will start the work with the team that will be experts in in-house work, especially in basement conversions. We are known for using the best technical competence and our experience is one thing that makes us distinct from others.
    • Our company will also be responsible for preparing method statements as well.


    • With GBS construction you will be getting the most experienced and specialised building contractors.
    • You will get a structural to exert o keep everything in double-checking, and to make sure that the work is complimenting the current situation of the house along with keeping the safety and compliance in mind.
    • You will get the best trade people for your work including; electricians, plumbers, carpenters, decorators and more
    • GBS Construction will take care of all the tiling and enchanting material.
    • You will get the best finishing with top-notch quality and every detail will suit and match your expectations.

    Project Management

    • You will get the best project manager that can keep everything under check and will be specialised in basement conversions.
    • Dealing with health and safety, party wall procedure, planning authorities, neighbours are done professionally with any disturbance and issue to worry about.
    • GBS Construction specialises in Optimising orders, personnel on-site, building regs visits and all the other types of arrangements that can make time management effective.
    • You will get all the details of what is happening on the site there is complete transparency and no hidden cases.

    Variables That Can Affect the Basement Conversion Budget

    Here are some of the things that can affect the basement conversion cost:

    1. Structural Design: Structural design matters a lot as suitable, efficient structural design can save you a lot of money by providing the same aesthetic or luxurious results.
    2. Construction process: Contingency cost can be subtracted by making extensions and conversions at the right time of the year with the right strategies to follow.
    3. Soil Constraints: Sometimes specific measures are also required like piling foundation or slabs or thicker retaining walls which can also affect the cost.
    4. Party Wall Agreements: It can also add up to the cost of the basement conversion in London by looking at the involved parties and the number of adjoining properties.
    5. Design Choice: This is an obvious factor that can affect the cost of conversion of the basement as the complex design can cost more than the simple which depends upon your choice.

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