6 Things You Need To Know Before You Plan House Extension

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February 25, 2021
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At some point, everyone feels to extend their living space that allows their increased family to spend time together. Extending your house can boost the value of your property, giving your property a modern look and larger sociable spaces. Extending your house means changing the look of a house by adding new space or doing home refurbishment to a home by building on a new room, a loft conversion, or something similar.

To give your home a modern look and increase the size of your living space with various shade & extension options, you can plan for house extensions. Find a reputed house extensions company that brings you house extension design ideas and offer you high-quality home extensions solution for your property.

Before planning house extensions for your property, you must know few things that help you get your house extensions done in the right way and within your budget.

Here, we have discussed what things you need to know before you plan house extensions.


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Does the house extension design idea suit your property?

House extension adds value to your property, so it very important to choose the house extension design ideas carefully. You can hire architects or a specialist designer who suggests house extension design ideas to you that suits perfectly to your property and increase its value in the market.

Know your Budget

The second thing that you need to keep in your mind before getting a home extension is, considering your budget. You should know how much it cost to build an extension to your house. There are various factors that will impact your budget including size, location, and general specifications. A two-story extension will be cheaper because in this extension you are only adding floor and wall joints.

Hire Professional Contractor

Before you plan house extensions, you need to do some research to find out a reliable company that guides you through the process from planning through to build house extensions. It is very crucial to hire a professional and reputed construction company to get your work done in the right way and at the right time. Always look for a licensed builder or contractor that provides you with legal insurance. Want to extend your existing home to give them the additional space required? Getting a house extension for your property can be a more time-saving and cost-effective way for a number of reasons.

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Get Multiple Quotes

Once you have sort listed the best construction companies, ask them for free quotes. Looking for the best services under the best deal is essential, so compare the multiple quotes and check out how contractors will work, what kinds of materials they will use on your extension, how much time they will take, and pricing.

A good and reliable construction company will not hesitate to offer your free quotes.

Ask for Permission

Before you start building an extension on your home, it is vital to talk to your local government to ask them for permission. In some cases (such as listed buildings or height restrictions), the government does not allow. Once you got permission from the local government, you are good to go without any interruption.

Inform Your Neighbours

Of course, you have full right to build your own extension in whatever way you like, but it also trues that people living next door might get affected by the construction work. It’s important to inform your neighbors about the house extensions. Talking to them early in the process helps you avoid ugly arguments with your neighbors and minimal disruption.

Want to add space to your existing office, house, or study room? You need to plan for house extensions. Before planning a house extension, you must keep the above things in your mind.

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