Concrete Works West London

Concrete works west London by GBS construction is the service under which you can have the best concrete work for your construction. However, before that, you need to learn about concrete and concrete works in detail and see yourself how we are your best choice.

An introduction of concrete works

The most basic material used in construction is concrete. However, like other materials such as sand, cement, and clay concrete is not a pure material. It is a compound containing many other materials that turn it into its end form of concrete. It is the mixture of water, cement, fine aggregates, and crushed stones or gravel. This type of mixture or we can say concrete is formed most at construction sites. However, in some cases, it can be formed on other sites and transported after formation to the construction site. Now, if we talk about concrete works then it simply includes several processes involving the concrete formation and its usage in the construction work. A few of the steps which concrete work include are;

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    Mixture preparation

    This is the first step included in Concrete works west London. At this step, the raw material required for the preparation of concrete is gathered and checked to refine it, so that no impurities will be added to the end product. At this stage, dry materials which include gravel, cement, and fine aggregates are mixed first in the same ratio. After their thorough mixing water is added to make sure that the consistency of concrete is not too runny or not too thick but the way that is required. Only professionals from some renowned companies can know this that is why GBS construction would be your best choice for concrete work of your construction.

    Mixture delivery

    After the mixture is formed the next and huge step in its delivery at the construction site. As the mixture contains cement that can dry rapidly, so timing is the key in this step. Making sure that delivery of mixture is on time is the most important step and required professional behavior from the company dealing with this work. In this case, service Concrete works west London by GBS construction will make sure that your concrete mixture reaches your construction site timely.

    Concrete Works West London


    The third and most important step includes the feeding of concrete. However, it varies with various construction procedures. Commonly, at a few concrete mixing plants, belt conveyors are used for feeding while other skip hoppers are used. We at GBS construction use both these methods depending on the setting. But, one is sure that you will have the best Concrete works in west London with us regardless of the process we use for feeding.


    This is the simple step involving the distribution of concrete to the points where it is needed. The technicality involved in this step is knowing the exact amount and ratio of this concrete mixture to be needed at a certain place.

    Molds filling

    This step is more about the use of concrete that is why it holds key importance in Concrete works west London. T this step concrete is added into the molds at the construction site. This addition of concrete in the molds with the iron structure gives extra strength to the building structure making it able to withstand any kind of hardship coming it’s way.

    Concrete curing

    While the concrete is hardening it is checked that the concrete is settled in the molds the way it should. As the name indicates curing, in this step every mold is double-checked for any kind of problem to make sure the smooth application of concrete.

    Quality checkup

    This is the last and extremely important step in concrete works. As the name indicates quality is assessed in this step. At the curing only, the determination of problem is being done, but this step involves the thorough checking of every step so that the quality will never be compromised and the building doesn’t have to suffer because of any little thing.

    So, this was all about Concrete works in west London, the way concrete forms, and how it reaches its ultimate destination. The working manner of every company is almost the same and so does the GBS constructions. However, if you still have any query you can reach us anytime.

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