Groundworks London

When the topic is about the preparation of the sub-surfaces before starting the construction project then all the work done to make the initial stages best counts in groundworks. In initial excavation, the set of activities that are involved are considered as the groundworks this work lead to the laying of the foundation or base of the structure. Lying drains and cabling are also included in this but, all this depends upon the nature of the groundworks services. It may include installations of utilities including; water pipes, fibre optic cables, telephone lines, and gas pipes. As a professional groundwork contractor GBS Construction has completed a broad range of projects regarding Groundworks London. We are well aware of the fact that groundworks are considered as the most initial stage of the construction so it has to be perfect thus we provide you with the skilled team to make the groundworks construction a success. A project may include the following groundwork tasks

  • Foundations
  • Trenching
  • Reinstatement
  • Substructure
  • Sewer Construction
  • Basement Construction
  • All Drainage


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    Why is Groundwork Important?

    A strong groundwork should be the first and of utmost importance. Sturdy groundwork is all a building or structure needs to be strong. As the foundation is the key factor on which the whole weight of the building will depend, if you want a successful ending for a constructional project, a good groundwork is going to play a central role in it. This is why no one should ignore its importance and do the best to hire professional Groundworks Contractors who can also provide you quality at the low cost of groundworks. Groundwork is known as a vital part of the construction industry, this is why it is considered as the onset of any project. There are so many reasons that make it important and some of them are as below;

    • It can inform and tell about the actual health of the land on which you are planning to make a structure.
    • It can inform about the fact that whether the land is capable of supporting the weight of the structure or not.
    • It can inform you in advance that whether the construction process can be a success or not as foundations and things related to the foundation of the structure plays a crucial role in the overall process of constructing a structure on any land.

    For all this, all you need is an expert who can serve you best with the extension groundworks and other groundworks services at affordable rates. As sometimes all this can be pretty much expensive because the machinery and the skill used in this should be of top-notch quality and you can never compromise on them.

    Groundworks London

    The Stages of Construction

    Every good contractor of Groundworks London will perform all the tasks related to the groundwork by following proper stages and all the steps. In all the stages, keeping the order in mind is essentials because sometimes, if one task is done and there is a certain mistake, you cannot redo it as all of the levels are just layers one upon another. All the stages are responsible for the construction of a strong structure. Here are some of the stages that make sure the smooth going of the project. But, the thing to keep in mind is that demolition also takes place in some cases to get rid of the pre-existing building. This will help to make a new structure stand there. Here are some of the details related to the two stages involved in this process.

    • Ground Investigation: The ground investigation of the land is necessary. It is also a legal requirement done by the local authorities. After the investigation, the data that is gathered through it is used to create and present effective and safe designs. This helps in detecting any potential issue related to the stability level and past usage of the land. This also helps in detecting defects such as condemnation and others. Attention to the following is paid in this hydrology, geology, soil conditions and contaminated land issues. Attention to all these issues can help in treating them well to get positive results.
    • Site Clearance: This is also an important initial preparatory step. The clearance of the site is very much needed as is essential. From the footprint of the structure, the topsoil is taken away in this step but, this process depends upon the depth of the land and whether there is any slope or not. In case of any slop, levelling the ground is necessary. In this, the help or retaining walls is also taken.

    Groundworks London with GBS Construction

    Being the Groundworks Construction specialists we provide perfect solutions for

    • Excavation and Groundwork
    • Foundations and Underpinning
    • Surface Water Drainage
    • Foul Drainage Services
    • Basement Excavation
    • Basement Construction
    • Structural Refurbishments
    • Kerbs and Roadways
    • Hard Landscaping Services
    • Enabling and Temporary Works

    We provide all our services at the most reasonable cost of groundworks, you can always trust our company with the quality and the best prices as we are in this industry for years now and know very well the importance of good quality at a reasonable cost. This is also something that makes us different from all the others in the construction industry as we deliver the best to our customers and make customer satisfaction our utmost priority. Our team is skilled and completely trained to deal with the heavy machinery and instruments used in this process. Thus, contact us to get the best in cost-effective rates.

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