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For adding space and increasing the property’s value, Home Extensions are considered the best way. This method is much better than moving out and facing all that hassle from legal fees to stamp duty. This is why House Extensions London are very much in demand and the effective way for a better living standard. It may sound a bit complex as this type of work can be hectic, time gaining, and issues can come up somewhere. From planning permission to the finishing results so many steps are involved. But, all you need is the best service provider for House Extensions in London.

GBS Construction is a House Extensions London specialist with years of experience in building the most exquisite Extensions London. We serve you with the help of our skilled, professional and expert team. Our team can deal with all types of issues, so you can get hassle-free services with complete peace of mind and guaranteed results. All you have to do is to contact GBS Construction and give us details about your image of the right extension, our experts will give you the right advice depending upon the situation and the type of extensions that will suit your need. You can always TRUST the services of GBS Construction for home extensions at reasonable house extension costs.

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    Types of House Extensions

    Some types of house extensions are as follow;

    • Single storey or rear Extensions
    • Double or Multi-storey
    • Wrap around Home Extensions
    • Cellar or Basements Conversion
    • Over-structure Extensions
    • Loft conversions

    The first type in the Single Story is the Rear Extension is considered the most popular type. Most of the time this type of renovation is done the maximize the space especially if you want a large open-plan kitchen. In this case, a large sliding glass door with proper finishing will compliment it a lot and will provide a neat and luxurious appeal to the home. These are also cheap house extensions. Other than this people also choose the Side Return Extension perfect for older Victorian or Georgian properties in which there are unused alleyways. Or you can make choice or select Wrap Around Extension which is known for maximizing the ground floor potential.

    House Extensions London

    Similarly, each type of House extensions in London has its different points due to which they can be a perfect fit in numerous situations as Loft Conversions are for attics, to make the place useful in different ways. All you have to do is to make the right choice depending upon the area you have at your place. In this, you can take an expert’s advice as they can tell you about the spacing and will help you make the right choice. As each of the types has its perks, but cannot fit in every house as each house has different needs of house extensions.

    Advantages of House Extensions

    A point to think that how many options do you have for extra space in London? One option is to move out and buy a new house with more space and extra room whereas the alternative is cheaper which is to build an extension. Numerous issues are involved in moving out from one space to another and to avoid all teat the best option to choose is to build an extension that can fit your special need. You can eliminate numerous issues by having well-planned extension work started. On the small scale, you can subtract all the hassle of packing and moving. Every type of extension construction has its benefits. As only the loft conversion can add a value of 20% to your existing property. All you need is a professional company to do right for you, and you will be able to save a lot. A home extension can be the biggest yes if you want to increase space and want plenty of area functioning at your place. It’s always a YES to the idea of building a Home Extension, as they are cheap house extensions with a great role in providing space.

    Design and Build Phase

    Each House extension has proper planning and building phase behind it. GBS Construction is expert in dealing with all the work from dealing with the paperwork to providing you with the ready to use extension. All you need is to tell us about your preferences and the rest is our work. The process has the following steps involved in it.

    • It involves the ballpark estimates and all the initial discussions about the designs or the budget.
    • Our experts will do free, honest, and detailed consultation concerning your home to give you the best idea and to inform you about all the necessities and issues that can come up
    • The quote will be provided to you with the complete details mentioned in it. This will be with full specifications about everything. Each detail regarding the amount will be mentioned in it.
    • Our work involves architectural service which will include a site survey along with a full planning process for building your house extensions in London.
    • Our architects will show you the structural drawings and will inform you about all the calculations related to them.
    • Our work with you will be based on professional project management with complete transparency.
    • The construction phase starts next which will involve all the constructional work from placing the bricks to ending by providing you with the useful house extensions London
    • Our experts will also guide you about aftercare when the work is done
    • We also provide a guarantee of quality to our customers for their peace of mind

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