House Extensions West London

If you are planning to add more space to your home, then hiring professional house extensions West London experts is important.

Whether you are extending your family or you need more functional space in your house; GBS Construction is here to help you with the best and cheapest house extensions. Our quality stands out and we are proud to be one of the best services for house extensions in West London.

Our team has been turning people’s dreams into realities. We enhance homes like none other and our affordable house extension cost makes us one of the favourite choices of many.

GBS Construction is all about professional enthusiasts who are highly qualified, experienced, well-trained and skilful. From architects to our designers, each team member is highly capable. Our team works together seamlessly to extend your home in a very professional and unique way.

As a company, we do not limit ourselves to making beautiful sacs only. We are much more than just that!  Our aim at GBS Construction is to make your spaces functional and add value to your property as well.

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    Free Consultation with our Experts

    To make sure that our clients feel confident upon hiring us, we offer a free consultation session for all. You get an opportunity to sit with our team of designers and builders to discuss everything in detail. From your budget to your ideas and your set of requirements; everything can be communicated openly in the free consultation. We listen to your concerns and answer all of your queries accordingly. Our team also provides you with a free quotation at the given moment. Being one of the most trusted home extensions experts, we make sure that we provide peace of mind to all our potential clients.

    Unique Ideas for your House Extensions West London

    GBS Construction puts a lot of thought and cares into designing a house extension for you. From our house extensions cost to our build quality and from our unique designs to a bunch of new ideas; our team goes above and beyond to bring the best house extensions in West London.

    House Extensions West London

    We offer you a variety of home extensions services:

    • House extensions
    • Loft conversions
    • Room conversions
    • Conservatories

    We are not just a team of designers and planners for your home extensions West London. We tend to go beyond it. GBS Construction also offers professional advice and consulting sessions to ensure that everything is communicated well between the client and our team. Sometimes, what the client requires is not very practical or it won’t come out as the client might be imagining it.

    As a responsible team of experts, it is our responsibility to let you know the pros and cons of each design.

    Thus, we offer advice and consultation throughout the process, to make sure that everything is done professionally.

    Great Management and Timely Delivery of the Project

    It can be very annoying if your house extensions west London exceed the deadline. This is why our team at GBS Construction ensures wonderful management so that the completion of the project is done within the given timeline. We create a schedule for all the home extensions individually and share it with the client too. This helps our clients in keeping tabs on the project and staying on the same page with us.

    We make sure to stay true to our words and deliver the project, before the deadline. GBS Construction feels proud to state that our projects are never delivered late. Our seamless collaboration plays an essential role in our extremely well-coordinated time management. From deciding on the final finishes to arranging everything that matches our clients’ requirements; we complete a project that leaves our client feeling 100% content.

    With GBS Construction on board with you, there isn’t much to worry about.

    Affordable and High-Quality House Extensions in West London

    If you are looking for affordable, budget-friendly cheap house extensions, then you can rely on us. We are not cheap in quality but we have the best house extensions cost quotation that is hard to find elsewhere. With us, you get both affordability and quality, a duo hard to beat.


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