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Are you the one who is in want of extra space in the house? Or you are in search of the best Loft Conversions Specialists in London? Then you are at the right place. You can trust GBS Construction as an expert in Loft Conversions London. We are professional, experienced, and fully endorsed conversion and extension experts.

GBS Construction is working in this field for years and knows to deal best with conversions and extensions, which means that you will get the best result in the end. We have reached this point of success in our business due to the positive encounters and experiences with our happy customers by providing them with the best quality and cheap loft conversion. Being the experts for Loft Conversions in London we make sure that all the work is done by keeping high standards and premium quality in mind.

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    How Much Value Can A Loft Conversions In London Add To Your Property?

    A Loft Conversions in London can be the best way to increase a property’s value without selling it or planning to move out from it, as the reason is you can get extra space not only for storing things but you can use it in different ways. According to the standard survey, it can add almost up to 25% or plus value to your property, which is a lot and can help you in increasing the worth of your space. We all know that London is a place where space is always an issue, so families can use the loft extensions London to deal with such issues and tackle them most appropriately. This is the reason this method is also known as the most popular and practical method for increasing the space within the property. The point to keep in mind here is that the basic loft conversion cost, London is not very much high on the contrary they can be cheap if you have the right company to work with. We at GBS Construction provide you with the Cheap Loft Conversions in and across London by keeping the top-notch quality a priority.

    Loft Conversions London

    What Are The Different Types of Loft Conversions in London?

    There are numerous types of Loft Conversions London but we recommend it depending upon the several factors including;

    • Property style
    • Roof height
    • Available space
    • Conservation area
    • Local planning regulations
    • Your budget and needs

    Some of the available options are as below.

    Dormer and I-Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

    A Loft Extension that is vertically projected from a sloping roof for the existing roof is known as a dormer loft conversion. It creates additional headroom and floor space within the property. It talks about the structure the dormer has horizontal ceiling and vertical walls in it. This type is known as the most used one because it can add the maximum space possible to the property. The I-shaped dormer also has huge popularity when it’s about extending the mid-terrace while giving 40m3 space or also more under planning. There are different advantages of this type of loft extension, London but, the major one is that you can do it without planning permission although in some cases depending upon the specifications you may require planning permission.

    • The main styles of the dormer loft conversions London are as follow;
    • Flat-Roof Dormer – A Dormer Conversion having a flat roof
    • Gable-Fronted Dormer – Also known a called ‘Doghouse’ Dormer
    • Hipped-Roof Dormer – A Dormer Conversion having a hipped roof
    • Shed Dormer – Roof, pitched at a lesser angle as compared to the main roof called single planed roof

    Mansard and l-shaped mansard loft conversion

    The name of this conversion was named after the 17th-century French Architect named Mansard. The use of this type of Loft Conversion is re. In this, there is an angle of 72 degrees when the back wall is slopping inward and also have a flat roof. Windows are also added to the sloped wall to increase the beauty and presentation of the loft. There is a lot of changes in the structuring and shaping thus this type of loft conversions need planning permission. In addition to all this GBS Construction is known as the best loft conversions specialists when it’s about I-shaped Mansard Loft Conversion, this can add more value and space to your living place or property.

    Roof Light Loft Conversion

    If you are looking for the option which is the cheap loft conversions then Right Light Loft Conversion can be the best option to choose. In this, the roof window is added but the existing space remains the same. In this conversion, the stairs are added and the floor is also reinforced. If you want to make the space more habitable the instalment of the electrics, plumbing and insulation will be necessary.

    Some more options are also available other than these three including;

    • Hip to gable Loft Conversion
    • Modular loft conversion
    • Double mansard loft conversion
    • Velux loft conversion
    • Loft conversion with full back addition
    • Loft conversion with pod room
    • Loft conversion with roof terrace

    You can choose any of these, but according to the suitability with the conditions of your place and your need.

    Why Choosing GBS Construction?

    If you require loft conversion our loft conversion specialists are always there for help as we provide professional services for loft conversion, loft expansion, bathroom conversion, and kitchen conversion, basement conversion with high customer satisfaction in providing all residential & commercial service. All of the above we provide all our services at the best loft conversions cost London, so contact us if you want the finest results.

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