House Refurbishment

Cost for House Refurbishment

# Area Cost Area Cost
1 Single Storey Bathroom
2 Two Storey Kitchen
3 Living Room Stair
4 Dining Room Finishings
5 Single Room Fittings
6 Full House
7 Bungalow

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Whether you need a minor repair on your property or have major construction needs, GBS Construction can help you to accomplished desired results before the deadline. We are a renowned home refurbishment company, holding extensive experience in delivering quality renovation solutions for all sizes and types of properties. We have the capability to make a big difference in your ordinary home and live up to the expectations of each client.

Our dedicated team provides you with the premium and comprehensive array of house refurbishment services across North London, East London & Essex. From refurbishing home to bathroom, kitchens, plumbing, and everything else, we ensure to meet your project needs at the highest standard. Our skilled team will bring all the necessary equipment and tools, including ladders and power tools at your place to finish your project on time within a budget.

Even if you want a shade & extension, window replacement, renovation, and refurbishment solutions, we will make sure to provide valuable results in a short period of time. Our house refurbishment contractor offers personalised services based on your budget, building infrastructure and specific requirements.

Our House Refurbishment Projects

kitchen refurbishment
house refurbishment
refurbished dining room
Complete Range of House Refurbishment Services

At GBS Construction, we use proven equipment and technology to ensure every aspect of project is completed with utmost satisfaction. We carefully examine all the areas of the property where plastering, replacement or renovation is needed. Being a reliable house-in refurbishment company, we can help you with both small and big home renovation based on your project needs.

At first, we will review the overall property, prioritise the necessary improvement and repair work, and then bring your home renovation project idea into reality. We also provide you with relevant pricing and construction advice that allows you to invest in a great deal and more satisfying services.

If some areas of your home are damaged and need to be repaired, it’s time to give it a fantastic makeover and increase its value. Instead of selling your place, it is a pretty economical and ideal option to revamp the ruined spaces of your property.

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